The 10th year anniversary for the Canada Cup Championship in Toronto

What means the Canada Cup to floorball players from Canada and the USA?
Such important event as a tournament Czech Open in Prague for Czech
players. The competition took place for the tenth time and one of the
entrants was winner swedish Elite division (second highets
league in Sweden) team Lindås Waves for which played Robin Nilsberth,
current defenseman of the team Granlo BK from the Swedish Super League.
We managed to ask Canada Cup co-chair Juha Mikkola.

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The 10th year anniversary for the Canada Cup Championship in Toronto
How popular is floorball in Canada?
Floorball is still a new and relatively unknown sport in Canada. There are strong pockets of activity across the country and they are growing but player numbers are still in the thousands rather than the tens of thousands like in Europe.

Are you the founder of Canada Cup?
Yes, I founded the tournament in 2004. In the first year we had six teams

This year you celebrated 10th anniversary. Was this year special?
Yes, it was extremely special. We have come a long way as a group growing from 6 teams to 68 teams and from one division to nine. The organizing committee, volunteers and referees all deserve a huge shout out for their efforts. We also thank all of the team managers and organizers as well as the players as they do a lot of work to bring their clubs to the tournament.

In which divisions can teams compete?
We had clubs from across Canada as well as clubs from the USA and Europe. The Ottawa Blizzard club sent the most teams (13) and other areas with a lot of teams are Toronto and Hamilton. This year we had four adult (three for men and one for women) and five youth cathegories.

How many international teams participated this year?
International teams included the Manhattan Kings from the US, Swiss Floorball Academy with three teams from Switzerland, Storvreta IBK's Atom age team from Sweden and the first division team Lindås Waves IBK from Sweden who won the Elite division.

Did some czech team participate? Or some years ago?
We did not have a Czech team this year but we had one in 2009 when TJ Sokol Jaromer participated in the tournament winning a silver medal in the Elite division.
Who was the biggest star of the whole tournament?
The biggest star was Robin Nilsberth who played for the Lindås Waves IBK team. He regularly plays for Granlo BK in the Swedish Super League and won the World Championship with Sweden in 2012. Robin played great and was picked the MVP of the tournament.

Czech Open in Prague is one of the biggest floorball tournaments on the world. Do you have ambitions to beat Czech Open? :)
We love the Czech Open and have a great partnership with them. We definitely don't want to beat them but we look up to them and want to make our tournament just as successful!

The whole tournament was held in the legendary Mattamy Athletic Centre, for hockey fans formely know as the historic Maple Leaf Gardens, where the Toronto Maple Leafs won 11 Stanley Cups and in 1966 an American boxer Muhammad Ali won heavyweight title fight. This year the floorball match was played in this arena for the first time.

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